Training and Cultural Tour

Training and Cultural Tour

Welcome to our tour page. Here you will find our Association promoting tours to Hong Kong and China in the hope that practitioners can meet some of the best practitioners and also maybe train with a few of the biggest names in this field.

We do not have any objections who wishes to join us on our tours and would want all who participate to both enjoy and make their trip memerable.

We would cater for your individual needs or requests. The trips would be as flexible as time and locations allows.

If you wish for a budget, middle of the road, or luxurious tour we can fix it for you.

Two weeks: 31/10/03

  • Scheduled Economy Flight
  • Transfers
  • 3 Star Hotel with Buffet Breakfast
  • Training with Grand Master Ip Chun
  • Insurance and Visa
  • Foshan Tour
  • 3 Hour Massage
  • Guide

£1,250 inclusive of taxes and service charges. No hidden charges!


Next Planned Tour:

Training Tour Only.

November 2010.

Out of the comfort zone with no hotels. Staying in hostels only and training in the headquarter with Master Ip Chun’s Association.